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The Babble On Project 065 – The Lost Tales

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Well, look at that. The sun’s coming up. Yes, it’s almost time to bid a final farewell to our last, best hope for geeks, but before JMS turns up to hit the self-destruct switch (well, after the jokes we’ve made about Delenn we’ve kinda had it coming) there’s still time for a whopping three hours…

Christmas Hiatus

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Hello everybody! We apologise for the continued delay in recording our episode on the first Babylon 5 TV movie, In the Beginning. Initially we were delayed due to personal concerns, and now poor Gillian has come down with the dreaded lurgy, knocking her out of podcasting commission until the New Year! We are sorry for any…

The Babble On Project 059 – Sleeping in Light

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It’s time for a bumper season fnarr-le episode, featuring listener feedbackageddon! Prepare for laughtears as Matt and Gillian discuss the sublime Sleeping In Light. Our second Grey Sector features a review of season five as a whole, and our third Grey Sector sees an overview of Babylon 5. Plus! Matt provides Gillian with a new ship. Why did John Sheridan really go back to Babylon 5? And it turns out that some friends are more reluctant than others to have their absence toasted.

Don’t worry – we’re not going beyond the rim just yet. We still have the TV Movies and The Lost Tales to cover, and in our next episode we’ll be discussing In The Beginning. Keeeeeeeeep Babbling!

The Babble On Project 058 – Objects at Rest

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It’s the penultimate episode of Season 5! In Objects at Rest, Matt and Gillian learn just what could make both Tannoy Zack and Lacklustre Art Minbari lose their tempers. Wave goodbye to the Worst President in History, Delenn starts screening calls and Lennier becomes the Cherry Coke of traitors. Or something.
Our next episode will cover the series finale, Sleeping in Light. Please send in your feedback on that, season 5 as a whole, and the series proper of Babylon 5, no later than Friday October 31st 2014. We love you bai bai!

The Babble On Project 057 – The Wheel of Fire/Objects In Motion

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Like a Sinatra fan with their iPod stuck on repeat, Matt and Gillian keep being reminded that the end is near – but before the final curtain is raised there’s still plenty to talk about! Is Sheridan still the Worst President Ever (TM)? Are glowing eyes really that offputting if you’re an dauntless romantic? Is G’Kar back on the cigs? What has Deputy Carl been up to this time? What, precisely, brings all the Narns to the yard? And who’s been recommendng techniques to Number One? Dive in and find out!

The Babble On Project 056 – Movements of Fire and Shadow/The Fall of Centauri Prime

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It’s two-partacular as Matt and Gillian reach Movements of Fire and Shadow and The Fall of Centauri Prime. Sob as Londo’s birds come home to roost! Gasp as Sheridan faces the end of the Alliance! Roll your eyes as Delenn avoids an awkward conversation… Plus! A visitor from the Whoniverse, censor bleep abuse, and Zack and Carl face their toughest assignment yet.

The Babble On Project 055 – Darkness Ascending/And All My Dreams Torn Asunder

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The Babylon 5 chocolate box contains assorted douchebag centres this week as Sheridan continues to be the worst President of anything ever, Garibaldi calmly kicks off Galactic War MMXXVIIIIV with a snooze and Fresh Air’s waiting staff go spoiling for a rumble. PLUS! A heartbreaking callback, another artistic Minbari debuts, and Garibaldi’s Fashion Express puts the willies up Tannoy Zack!

The Babble On Project 054 – The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father/Meditations on the Abyss

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Byron? Byron who? We see a new side to Bester, and learn more about the PsiCorps in The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father. Delenn discovers invisibility cloaks, and Matt and Gillian develop a new Captain Crush in Meditations on the Abyss. Plus! First time feedbackers, how to confuse Zack Allan, and just what is in a Pak’ma’ra’s hump?
We apologise for the delay in releasing this episode – Gillian had a very bad reaction to an ill-advised late night McBari’s.

The Babble On Project 053 – Phoenix Rising/The Ragged Edge

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The Babblers face one of the most emotionally-intense stories that B5 has ever put to screen – and whilst they reel from Franklin accepting a job offer there’s some other stuff. Probably involving telepaths or summat.

Nothing important though. Otherwise they’d have remembered. You know, like they did with the Markab.


PLUS! More listener awesomitude (shut up, that’s a word!), musical interludes, a sombre farewell, Tannoy abuse and a very special Thought of the Day!

The Babble On Project 052 – In the Kingdom of the Blind/A Tragedy of Telepaths

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The one-eyed man is king In the Kingdom of the Blind, as even Centauri women can’t resist G’kar’s charms. In A Tragedy of Telepaths he and Londo play dress up games, but who’s playing the Gaim (and the Drazi and the Brakiri)? Matt and Gillian find out whether they can possibly hate Byron any more than they already did, and their love for Lochley grows by the episode. Plus! The Lacklustre Art Minbari has some musical advice, Ansaphone Zack has discovered a new medium, and more listener suggestions are declared canon than ever before.

The Babble On Project 048 – No Compromises/The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari

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New year! New season! New intro! New Captain! New Sixth Form poser! Babylon 5 rings in the changes for its fifth season – so what do our intrepid duo think? Meanwhile! Feedbackopalypse 2: The Feedbackening! Subtle dissection* of Byron’s character! An awesome new listener song! ORGS! Sheridan dickery! Garibaldi dickery! Lennier dickery! And a buttload of Centauri wang!


The Babble On Project Holiday Special 2013

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It’s The Babble On Project Holiday Special! This year, in response to listener requests, we’ve collated all our ridiculous musical skits, and recorded a few new ones, too. We hope you enjoy it, or at least that your ears don’t explode! Our next regular episode, covering No Compromises and The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari will be recorded on 8th Jan 2014. You can submit feedback by the usual means. We love you bai bai!

The Babble On Project 046 – Rising Star/The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

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It’s epic season finale podcast time, starring Listener Feedbackopalypse! Strap yourselves in as Matt and Gillian dissect Rising Star and The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, then discuss Season 4 as a whole. Plus! Gillian coins a new word to describe G’kar’s ocular antics, Matt discovers a line she won’t cross, and we discover just what happened to Delenn’s Rings of Power.
This is our last regular episode of 2013. Our next episode (2nd December) will be our interview with the one and only Peter Jurasik, followed by the Babble On Christmas Special on 23rd December. We love you baibai

The Babble On Project 045 – Between the Darkness and the Light/Endgame

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Heartache ahoy – it’s another emotionally-wrought episode of The Babble On Project! But Matt and Gillian are too busy to celebrate the end of the Earth War, concerned as they are Garibaldi’s crap mutant power, Franklin’s continuity errors and the fact that LENNIER SAYS NOTHING AND NOTHING HAPPENS AND EVERYTHING IS FINE THE END THE END THEENDTHEENDTHEENDLALALALALALALALA….!

Stupid Lennier.

Stupid, stupid Lennier.

The Babble On Project 044 – The Face of the Enemy/Intersections in Real Time

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The Face of the Enemy is revealed, along with the resolution to one of season four’s main plot arcs. Then Intersections in Real Time provokes discussion of how twenty years can turn science fiction into reality. And not in a good way. Warning: this episode contains 50% of usual Babble On frivolity levels. Plus! Lacklustre Art Minbari teaches us how to tell if you’ve really messed up, Gillian discovers a disturbing new impression, and just who did steal the Captain’s blueberry muffin?

The Babble On Project 043 – No Surrender, No Retreat/The Exercise of Vital Powers

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A cavalcade of emotion in the latest Babble On Project! Cheer as Sheridan declares No Surrender, No Retreat! Boo as Gari-BAHL-di observes The Exercise of Vital Powers! Groan at the gratuitous Scrubs references! Cringe as you never look at Mumm-Ra the same way again! Sigh at another Thought of the Day from the Lacklustre Art Minbari! Sing along with another musical interlude! We cannot even! Can you even?

Lacklustre Art Minbari’s theme music is “I Crush Everything” by Jonathan Coulton, and is used under the Creative Commons Licence. Visit for more great music!

The Babble On Project 042 – Rumors, Bargains and Lies/Moments of Transition

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Matt and Gillian despair as Gangs of Fail abound in Rumors, Bargains and Lies. Moments of Transition? Moments of ALL THE FEELS more like. There’s a double whammy of brilliant recurring character appearances, and what’s this? An effective DVD synopsis? Plus! We investigate whether the Warrior Caste’s hips lie, find a legitimate excuse for more Allo, Allo references and a lacklustre new feature débuts.
“I Crush Everything” by Jonathan Coulton is used under the Creative Commons licence. For details on this track and more great music visit

The Babble On Project 039 – Epiphanies/The Illusion of Truth

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Matt and Gillian have “Epiphanies” over the Best(er) name for a frozen telepath and the sneakiness of everybody’s favourite PsiCop, then witness “The Illusion of Truth” as ISN conduct a hatchet job on their beloved crew and Garibaldi expands his repertoire of douchery. PLUS! Tuneless singing! Wildly inappropriate Delenn/Sheridan dialogue! Crazy Centauri! Harsh language (mainly from Gillian)! Your awesome feedback! PASTELS! Whaddya waiting for?

The Babble On Project 033 – War Without End

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That’s right: the cursed episode is finally here! Matt and Gillian get stuck into the two part epic War Without End, and attempt to answer that most challenging of questions: just who is in the spacesuit? Plus! Minbari Yoda, Yorkshire Zathras, shocking listener confessions and our most ambitious musical parody yet. Massive thanks to everyone who contributed, we couldn’t have done it without you.

The Babble On Project 032 – Michael O’Hare Tribute/Interview With Claudia Christian

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We’re back. Back. BACK! In a special episode, our Grey Sector is a tribute to the late Michael O’Hare, featuring listener messages. It’s safe for first timers who have watched both parts of War Without End. In Down Below we interview the wonderful Claudia Christian! It does contain at least one MAJOR spoiler, so first timers, please beware. We talk about her time on B5, her career in general, and her new book, Babylon Confidential. Plus! Exploding chocolate balloons, another song parody, the universe’s latest attempts to get Matt in an ascot, and rum rations!

The Babble On Project 029 – Ceremonies of Light and Dark/Sic Transit Vir

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After all of that portentous intensity in episode 28 the Babblers are in need of some relief, and what better to soothe their spirits than the ‘ship-tatsic Ceremonies of Light and Dark and the Vir-mazing Sic Transit Vir? Meanwhile: Gillian educates Matt on Crazy Eyes! B5 personality tests! Emo Lennier! An awesome fanfic! And possibly the best listener song so far! What more do you want, you moon-faced assassin of joy?

The Babble On Project 028 – Point of No Return/Severed Dreams

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It’s time for Matt and Gillian to talk srs bsns as tensions build between EarthGov and Babylon 5. In Point of No Return, find out what Senator Hidoshi can order you to do. With Severed Dreams comes EPIC space battle and badass Delenn. Plus! The Official Countdown of Security Guards, more musical interludes from our listeners, we reveal what G’kar was doing behind those crates, and discover which Scottish Superhero has taken over the podcast.

The Babble On Project Special II – Interview With Patricia Tallman

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Squeeeeeee! Matt & Gillian are joined by the exceptionally lovely Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander) for a funny, charming and at times downright filthy chat about B5, her career, and her new memoirs book Pleasure Thresholds (available from!

Pat supports the childrens’ chairty Penny Lane, a nonprofit organization that cares for over 3500 abused and neglected children, youth and families a month. Find out how you can help at