About Gillian & Matt

Gillian Coyle is the Sub-Editor of GeekPlanetOnline.com. When she’s not talking about Babylon 5 on the podcast you can find her as a cast member of geek comedy sketch show Near Mint. Dubbed the Colt Seavers of GeekPlanetOnline, she mostly works behind the scenes proofreading, editing and posting all of our written content. She also reviews books for GPO.

Matt Dillon is co-owner of GeekPlanetOnline.com (alongside Dave Probert) and the site’s webmaster. When he’s not joining Gillian on The Babble On Project he can be found over at gaming podcast One More Go, literal chat show Tangential Deviation (also with Dave Probert) and, alongside both Gillian and Dave, as a cast member of Near Mint. Matt also produces the video game series 15 Minutes of Pain for GeekPlanetOnline’s fledgeling YouTube channel.