The Babble On Project 052 – In the Kingdom of the Blind/A Tragedy of Telepaths

The one-eyed man is king In the Kingdom of the Blind, as even Centauri women can’t resist G’kar’s charms. In A Tragedy of Telepaths he and Londo play dress up games, but who’s playing the Gaim (and the Drazi and the Brakiri)? Matt and Gillian find out whether they can possibly hate Byron any more than they already did, and their love for Lochley grows by the episode. Plus! The Lacklustre Art Minbari has some musical advice, Ansaphone Zack has discovered a new medium, and more listener suggestions are declared canon than ever before.

Lacklustre Art Minbari’s theme music is “I Crush Everything” by Jonathan Coulton, and is used under the Creative Commons Licence. Visit for more great music!