The Babble On Project Holiday Special 2013

It’s The Babble On Project Holiday Special! This year, in response to listener requests, we’ve collated all our ridiculous musical skits, and recorded a few new ones, too. We hope you enjoy it, or at least that your ears don’t explode! Our next regular episode, covering No Compromises and The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari will be recorded on 8th Jan 2014. You can submit feedback by the usual means. We love you bai bai!

Track Listing (*new!)

*Mike’s Favourite Things – Delenn/Lennier
Take That Vorlon Out – The Army of Light
Lovesick Bonehead – Lennier
*Christmas Zacking – Zack
My Eyes – G’kar/Londo
Still Alive – Matt
*The Star Fire Wheel – Delenn/Neroon
Feedback If You Can – Dodgy Cher
*John’s Beard – Matt
Minbari Girl – Delenn
Make Whoopee – Marcus/Lennier
*(Do You Wanna) Date My Mate G’Kar? – Gillian (piano arr. by DuckDuckMusic)
Transformed This Way – Delenn
Hey Babblers – Matt
Not the One – The Babble On Project Family Singers

Many thanks to DuckDuckMusic for letting us use his gorgeous piano arrangement. You can find it, and his other work on his YouTube channel.