About The Babble On Project

Welcome, new listener, to The Babble On Project!

The Babble On Project (or BOP for short) is a watch-along podcast discussing the seminal space opera series Babylon 5, presented by (Captain) Gillian Coyle and (Drunken Ambassador) Matt Dillon. The format of the podcast has been tailored to allow fans of any background, no matter how familiar with the show that they are, to take part in the discussion. To do this each episode of the podcast is split into the following sections, named after areas of the Babylon 5 station:

Grey Sector
After a daft little skit and some spoiler-free preamble about the episode(s) being covered, we head to Grey Sector for a plot synopsis (courtesy of the now-legendary BOP Trailer Voice) and episode walkthrough. This section includes in-depth discussion of the plot of that episode and any that came before – but without any spoilers for the rest of the series or the wider story arc. This discussion includes any listener feedback, providing it sticks to these rules. If you’re brand new to Babylon 5 and you’ve been watching along the podcast Grey Sector is 100% safe for you.

Down Below (fnarr!)
Utterly spoilerific discussion of the episode(s) within the context of the series of a whole. If you’re new to the series THIS WILL RUIN SURPRISES. And in a show that’s one complete arc plot – it’s famously described as a “televisual novel” –  you really don’t want that! If you’re new to Babylon 5 you should skip this section, and don’t worry – a colourful character will pop up to tell you exactly how far you have to spin your MP3 player ahead, so you won’t miss anything else. Alternatively if you have an MP3 player or app compatible with audiobooks and chapter selection – such as an iPod/iPhone, an Android device or VLC Player for PC/Mac – you can download the Enhanced version of the podcast. This will let you skip ahead at (snigger) the flick of a button! Down Below also includes its own feedback section for old hands who want to talk spoilers – so everybody is catered for!

Red Sector
Here’s where we return to spoiler-free territory to kick back at one of the station’s man fine bars or cafes (depending on coffee privileges – it’s a long story!) and summarise what we’ve learned about the B5 universe this time around. We’ll also give shout-outs, draw attention to anything interesting going on in the world of B5 and its fandom, and let you know which episodes we’re covering in our next podcast episode.

We love to what you think about Babylon 5! We accept feedback via email (babylon5@geekplanetoline.com) – either written, or in the form of an MP3 (if you’re choosing to do the latter please keep it under five minutes in length and let us know whether it contains spoilers) – or through social media; The Babble On Project has a Tumblr and a Twitter feed. In both cases feel free to Ask/Tweet us directly or, if you’d prefer simply to mention us, please use the hashtag #babbleonproject. We also have a forum over at GeekPlanetOnline.com, where you can post questions or engage in discussion about the show as a whole. If using our forum please remember to use spoiler tags when appropriate and, if aiming for Grey Sector, please avoid even “wink-wink, nudge-nudge” style hints at future plot developments.

That’s About Everything!
Welcome to the Babble On community. and we hope that you enjoy the show!